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  • "A Tree Grows in Georgia" Film Preview - The Blakely Burl Tree Project is previewed in this short film trailer by Producer Ken Browne with cinematography by Gregory Andracke and features work by wood sculptors Mark Lindquist (Florida) and Gary Stevens (California), writing by Terry Martin (Australia), photography by John McFadden (Minnesota). The film is scheduled for release in 2012.

    Lynn Branson has completed a sculpture using wood from this pecan tree. Her piece ("Within the Grain of Time") can be viewed at the Blakely Burl Tree Project.

  • Patrick Godin - Wildfowl Sculpture & Carvings - A childhood fascination with the natural world inspired Pat Godin to carve his first bird in 1967. He continued to carve in those early years solely for his own pleasure. In the early '70's Pat became aware of several competitive exhibitions of decorative duck decoys and other wooden bird sculpture. After meeting other enthusiastic bird carvers and picking up a lot of ideas and technical tips his work quickly became competitive at the "World Class" level of competition. Since his bird carving career began Pat Godin has gained international recognition for his fine, accurate renditions of wildfowl as well as for the creative vision present in his pieces. More info...

  • Allen Lopez - Wildfowl Carvings

  • Allan Hancock - Wildlife Paintings - The beauty of the natural world is the subject of W. Allan Hancock's artwork. Nature's fragile state is his underlying theme. Whether it's a hawk on the short grass prairie, waterfowl in a marsh, or an eagle on North America's west coast, the daily struggle for survival of wildlife species and habitats is portrayed in Hancock's paintings with lifelike detail. Each painting captures a moment in time causing the viewer to ponder its subject's future, both momentary and distant, often questioning the role of mankind.

  • James Atkin - High Relief Wood Carving - High relief woodcarving is a time-honored craft that creates three-dimensional images from the wood in intricate detail. The meticulous process combines the imagination of an artist and patient skill of a sculptor with the foresight of an engineer. Nature also contributes to these amazing works of art adding vibrant colour and the graceful movement of natural wood grains making each woodcarving a very special work of art.

  • Peninsula Gallery - If you love art, you'll love Peninsula Gallery. Original paintings, sculptures and limited edition prints. Located in the heart of Sidney, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

  • Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art

  • Agora Gallery LogoAgora Gallery contemporary fine art gallery established 1984. Art consulting services to private and corporate art collectors are provided. Locations in the SoHo and Chelsea art districts. Exhibiting painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed media. Artist portfolios are reviewed. The sponsoer of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.

  • Burgette Bird Carving - Using the media of wood, metal and rock, Dan Burgette sculpts the air that swirls behind the birds as they pass. His exploration of the illusion of motion has been recognized at the Ward Wildfowl Carving Championships, and in wildlife art publications. His work is in the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art in Salisbury, MD, in a visitor center display in Yosemite National Park, and in private collections.

  • Royston House Bed and Breakfast - Royston House is available to guests as a fully self-contained vacation rental, or as a B&B, where we will be happy to serve you breakfast in our magnificent timber frame solarium, complete with 17-foot cathedral ceilings, natural stone wood fireplace and large indoor plants. (Located in the seaside community of Royston in the Comox Valley, on the east coast of Vancouver Island.)

  • Knots and Burls to Bowls - Functional art, one-of-a-kind creations, are turned by Don Thur from the most unique burls found in this legendary Ontario lakeland. Dating back to the beginning of habitation, and the tradition of the woodworking trade, these works have a museum-like quality, an art-gallery integrity, yet a functional capability for any appreciative household.

  • Decoys and Wildlife Gallery in Frenchtown, New Jersey

  • Arabella Magazine

  • Mark Lindquist - Wood Turner

  • Artists for Conservation Foundation - Signature Member - Supporting Nature Through ArtThe Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC) - formerly the Worldwide Nature Artists Group (WNAG) - is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. The Foundation represents the world's leading collective of nature artists and an unparalleled pool of artistic talent focussed on nature. The organization's mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage.

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